6 week Challenge

For the next 6 weeks, I challenge you to push yourself beyond your limits. To train and eat with intention and precision. To change your body and mindset forever. This isn’t just a program I hand out to everyone. This is customized coaching experience where I will choose one outstanding client to win cash, swag, and an in-person training session with me at the East Coast Mecca, Bev’s Powerhouse Gym. No matter your fitness level, we will work together to make unbelievable progress in 6 short weeks with proper diet, training, motivation, and support.
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Challenge Plan Comes With:

Personalized Diet+Training
You’ll fill out a questionnaire that gives me all the information I need to build a nutrition and training plan that fits your needs and lifestyle. I’ll sit down and analyse the questionnaire and build your plan. It takes me about 5 days to complete it, but it’s well worth the wait. I’ll never just throw a standardized diet or training program at you.
Everyone will go into this challenge with a hunger for progress, and everyone will come out of it with an improved body, a more positive mindset, and a more disciplined approach to life. One winner will also get a huge cash prize, swag, and an in-person training session with me at the East Coast Mecca, Bev’s Powerhouse Gym.
Weekly Check-ins
You’ll get one weekly check-in that will allow you to ask me any questions you may have, give me feedback on how you’re feeling and progressing, tell me how closely you have adhered to the plan, and give me progress photos for me to assess your progress.
Interactive Webinars
I will send you invitations to exclusive webinars where I’ll cover the most frequently asked questions from my clients and special topics that are important to your progress. I’ll tell some stories, and give training advice, and give you an opportunity to ask questions.
Hands-on approach
When you’re on Team Sadik, you’re family. I care about your results and I do everything I can to help you achieve your potential. We get one life on this planet and we need all of the support and hard work we can put forth to get the most out of it. Your success in my success, and neither of us will stand for second place! Let’s get after it.


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